How To Buy Used Boats

Do you intend to purchase a used boat? In addition to being affordable, used boats depreciate more slowly than new boats do. As such, you can sell them at a profit or just below the buying price. Below is a short guide to help you purchase a used boat. 


Used boats will have some wear. As such, it is essential to conduct some research to know the longevity of major components such as the engine, transmission, navigation system, body and interior parts. Boat forums and mechanics can give insights about which models last the longest. Besides, they will give preventive maintenance tips, such as when to change major components such as the propeller, fuel injectors and accessory belts. You will also get a rough idea of how much it costs to maintain the boat.  

Condition Of The Boat

Visually inspect the boat to examine its condition. First-time buyers should ask for a pre-purchase inspection report from an accredited mechanic. Below are some things to look out for as you inspect the boat.

  1. Start with the exterior. Body damage, filler and uneven body lines are all signs that the boat has been in an accident.
  2. Check the boat's underside for signs of rust. Components such as the propeller and the thruster must be in excellent condition.
  3. Do not be overly concerned about worn-out seats, leaking sinks or dysfunctional accessories such as a refrigerator. These are easy to repair. However, you can use these defects to ask for a price cut.
  4. The engine should quickly start when cold. Besides, it should not produce strange smoke or noises. Oil leaks may be a warning sign that you need to change oil seals and gaskets.

Test drive the boat in open waters to detect navigation, transmission and engine problems. 

Know When To Buy

Proper timing helps ensure that you get the best deals on used boats. Typically, boats are cheaper during the winter months since people do not go boating as much. The main disadvantage of winter purchases is that you may not be in a position to test the boat. You'll also need to check that the owner winterised the boat. You will likely get a reasonable price if you purchase the boat a few weeks before the start of winter. Sellers without storage space will be in a hurry to dispose of their boats. Alternatively, you could wait until the release of a new model. People will be in a rush to sell their boats and upgrade to the latest models.

Buying used boats is not rocket science. Examine the longevity of the boat, its condition, and observe the recommended cost-saving tips.

To learn more, contact a resource that has used boats for sale.