Top Tips When Buying An E-Bike For Your Kid

As a parent, your kid could be bugging you to purchase them a bicycle. Given that the modern child is fascinated by technology, they will most likely want an electric bike. While it is easy to buy an adult e-bike, the case is quite different when purchasing a child's e-bike. Below is a guide detailing the features that you should look for when buying a kids' e-bike. 


Children are unlikely to worry about their bikes' maintenance. They will leave the bike in the rain, use it on uneven surfaces, or drop it to the ground when they find something more interesting. Therefore, the e-bike that you purchase must be durable. Conduct thorough internet research and check the reviews of various e-bikes to know which companies make the most durable models. You should also assess the availability of spare parts in your locality and the terms of the manufacturer's warranty.  


Two factors will determine the size of the e-bike that you will purchase; its practicability and comfortability. Kids' e-bikes are sized according to their ages. More often than not, each size has a three-year age limit. The secret to buying a kid's bike is buying a slightly larger bike. However, the model you purchase should have an adjustable seat and handlebars. It ensures that your kid can ride the e-bike comfortably. You will adjust the seat and handlebars as your child grows taller.


While adults would be comfortable riding a heavy e-bike. The same cannot be said of kids. Kids are prone to riding accidents since they are less likely to be observant of risks. If a heavy bike fell on your kid, they would suffer severe injuries. Another shortcoming of heavy bikes is that they are more difficult to balance. As such, they may not be ideal for beginners. For these reasons, consider lightweight bikes made from materials such as aluminium and fibreglass. 


All e-bikes come with a motor and battery. The motor affects the bike's speed and power. Preferably, go for a moderate motor since you don't want your kid speeding. However, the bike should have a powerful battery to ensure the kid can ride for long hours. 

Accessories such as smartphone compatibility will allow you to monitor your child's whereabouts and the bike's speed. The e-bike should have a high-quality braking system. If possible, go for a disc braking system. 

When buying a kid's electrical bicycle, assess its durability, size, weight, and available accessories. Besides, remember to buy them safety gear such as a helmet and knee pads.