How You Can Tell Your Boat Engine Has Damaged Mounts

The primary role of your mount is to hold the engine onto the boat. When well-mounted, your marine engine should not give you any trouble. However, they get damaged with time, leading to the need for a replacement. As the boat owner, you should always watch out for indicators that yours might be worn out. Speak to a repair expert immediately if you notice any of these signs of a failing engine support system. 

The Vessel Is Experiencing Frequent Rocky Starts

Your boat typically rocks a little when you start the engine, and it comes to life. However, the degree of movement should be minimal. An excessive lurch that doesn't feel or sound healthy indicates that the mounts aren't supporting the engine as they should. At the start, the lurch might steady to continuous vibration, but you might experience it again when shutting off the engine. A boat repair expert can assess the problem to determine whether it is time to get new ones. 

The Vessel Shakes While in Motion

You should also listen to and feel how the boat moves over water. Increased vibrations indicate that your mount isn't supporting the engine well. They typically come with shock absorbers or anti-vibration mechanisms that muffle the engine movements. The absorbers prevent the shaking motion from transmitting to the rest of the vessel. When the system fails, the engine movements occur in the boat's body. It could result in a bumpier ride on water, even at times of the year when the water is calm. A boat repair technician can assess the vessel to determine whether installing new supports will resolve the shaking and restore a smooth ride.

It Is Cracked and Corroded

If the damage is extensive, you do not have to listen to its signs and symptoms. The part might warp, crack, and even look worn out due to corrosion. Cracks and flacking of the rubber part indicate that the damage has started affecting the engine's performance. You can consult a professional to inspect the system and determine how deep the damage has gone. They will help you decide whether it is time to replace the stands for the longevity and efficiency of the engine and the vessel. 

The ideal way to handle marine engine mount issues is by speaking to an expert immediately after you notice these signs of trouble. They can assess the vessel and determine whether the damage needs replacement.  

For more information about marine engine mounts, contact a local company.