4 Tips for Choosing an Ideal Bow Thruster for Your Boat

Bow thrusters are devices mounted on boats to help them have a better movement on the water's surface. Boat manufacturers today include bow and stern thrusters on their vessels, and boat owners without these devices are installing them to increase the manoeuvrability of their boats.  Thrusters give you a sideways control over your boat's movement, reducing the stress of docking. However, you have to find a thruster that works perfectly for your boat for you to enjoy the benefits of using these devices. Read More 

How To Buy Used Boats

Do you intend to purchase a used boat? In addition to being affordable, used boats depreciate more slowly than new boats do. As such, you can sell them at a profit or just below the buying price. Below is a short guide to help you purchase a used boat.  Longevity Used boats will have some wear. As such, it is essential to conduct some research to know the longevity of major components such as the engine, transmission, navigation system, body and interior parts. Read More