How You Can Tell Your Boat Engine Has Damaged Mounts

The primary role of your mount is to hold the engine onto the boat. When well-mounted, your marine engine should not give you any trouble. However, they get damaged with time, leading to the need for a replacement. As the boat owner, you should always watch out for indicators that yours might be worn out. Speak to a repair expert immediately if you notice any of these signs of a failing engine support system. Read More 

Selecting Marine Hoses for Different Applications

Boats require hoses for various functions. From carrying freshwater to transporting fuel and other fluids to your engine, there's usually no one-type-fits all when it comes to boat hoses. Like many boat components, hoses may call for replacement with time. This is because damaged or defective hoses can affect crucial functions and components on your boat, like electronics. Fires (in the case of gas or fuel hoses), flooding, and odours (in the case of a defective toilet or sanitation hose) are other issues you are likely to face with defective hoses on your boat. Read More 

Beginner Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Used Dirt Bike

Although every dirt bike enthusiast dreams of buying a brand-new machine at some point, the truth is that these beasts can be costly. Used dirt bikes are an excellent alternative because they allow you to perfect your skills without breaking the bank. However, you need to avoid certain mistakes when buying a pre-owned dirt bike if you want it to serve your needs. Here are critical mistakes to get past when shopping for a pre-owned dirt bike. Read More 

Top Tips When Buying An E-Bike For Your Kid

As a parent, your kid could be bugging you to purchase them a bicycle. Given that the modern child is fascinated by technology, they will most likely want an electric bike. While it is easy to buy an adult e-bike, the case is quite different when purchasing a child's e-bike. Below is a guide detailing the features that you should look for when buying a kids' e-bike.  Durability Children are unlikely to worry about their bikes' maintenance. Read More 

4 Tips for Choosing an Ideal Bow Thruster for Your Boat

Bow thrusters are devices mounted on boats to help them have a better movement on the water's surface. Boat manufacturers today include bow and stern thrusters on their vessels, and boat owners without these devices are installing them to increase the manoeuvrability of their boats.  Thrusters give you a sideways control over your boat's movement, reducing the stress of docking. However, you have to find a thruster that works perfectly for your boat for you to enjoy the benefits of using these devices. Read More