Why You Need to Watch Your Brakes If You’re New to Motorcycling

If you would much rather ride on two wheels than four, you undoubtedly love the freedom of the open road and the ability to go where many other motorists cannot. You may still be young and quite headstrong, and this has prompted you to get a motorcycle instead of a car, as you discover what Australia has to offer. Yet, you do need to be realistic and understand some of the dangers that are inherent in this type of motoring, and you must pay more attention to safety as a consequence. Remember, you are protected to a certain extent by the bodywork around your car, and this is not the case on your bike. Why do need to think carefully about your braking technique, in particular, before you get into your new hobby in earnest?

What's Your Limit?

When you are new to motorcycling, you may not have found your limits yet. It's never a good idea to test these, especially when you are on the open road, in and out of other vehicles. Nevertheless, you will need to develop your own braking style, so you become familiar with this as second nature and can rely on the technique to keep you safe in an emergency. Some people tend to favour the front brake over the other or vice versa, but remember that your bike will always perform differently in wet weather conditions as opposed to dry.

Equal Application

In truth, you should try to apply the braking force as equally as possible, as this will usually be the more stable approach. In this way, you will keep as much weight as possible over each wheel, and this may help you to avoid sliding out of control.

Slippery When Wet

Be very careful whenever you brake in wet weather conditions, and especially when it comes to "overuse" of the front brake. Slippery road surfaces can markedly reduce traction and you could easily lose control in this scenario.

Brake Check

Get used to checking your brakes before you jump on board and head off into the sunset. In particular, look at the condition of the discs, as it's not unusual for the cooling vent holes to become clogged with dirt. If you ride through a lot of standing water, make sure that you check the efficiency of your brakes before you need to and certainly before you arrive at the next major obstacle.

Getting Advice

If you want to be as safe as possible when you are on two wheels, then you should certainly think about taking some motorcycle lessons. Your instructor will give you advice in a safe and protected environment, and this may help you avoid taking a nasty spill through inexperience.