Types of Boats and Features to Buy If You Want to Exercise on the Water

Many people look for used boats for sale because they like the idea of spending the day relaxing on the water, but others are more concerned about exercise opportunities. Do you want to combine a workout with time on the water? Then you have a lot of different options. Here are some of the types of boats and features you may want to consider.

A Rowboat or Similar Non-Motorised Boat

If exercise is your main objective, you may want to simply select a very basic used boat with no motor. When you have to manually move the boat around the water, you get quite the workout for your arms and core—in fact, people buy rowing machines for their homes for this very reason. In this same vein, you may want to buy a rowboat, a canoe, a kayak or even a paddleboard. For a full body workout, a single person sailboat may be the ideal choice.

A Boat with a Strong Motor

In lieu of a rowboat, you may want to go the other direction and opt for a motorized boat, but you don't just want a fishing boat with a small trolling motor. Instead, you need a speed boat with a motor powerful enough to pull a lot of weight. Then, you can go skiing. Even tubing can be great exercise. It takes quite a bit of strength to hang onto those tubes as they're flying through the water.

A Pontoon Boat with Lots of Active Accessories

Usually, when people think of pontoon boats, they think of spending the day grilling and relaxing while spending time with friends. But with the right accessories, you can turn your pontoon into a great place for a workout. In particular, you may want to add a diving board so that you can dive into the water and swim around while you are out on the boat. You may also want to add a slide for a more relaxing entry into the water. If you really want to, you can even put an exercise bike, a mini trampoline or other exercise equipment on your pontoon boat.

A Boat with Lots of Storage

Regardless of the type of used boat that you decide to buy, you should look for a boat with ample amounts of storage. Then, you can easily put in exercise-friendly accessories such as skis, inner tubes, life jackets and anything else you need for your workout.