Three Things To Consider When Budgeting For Your First Motorcycle

Getting a motorcycle is a great way of getting around, having fun and even meeting people with similar interests. However, it can also be expensive. This article explains three things you should make sure to budget for when thinking about getting your first motorbike.

Considering Your Choice Of Bike

Choosing a motorcycle can be exciting, but buying the bike itself is expensive, so it's important to make the right choice for you. Prices for motorcycles vary hugely, depending on the age, make, model and condition. Spend some time researching your options, speaking to other bikers and going to look at different types to get a feel for what you like. As Top Rider explains, your choice of bike will affect other costs: some bikes use more fuel, and a more expensive bike will be more expensive to insure. Don't forget that you can save money by finding a reputable used motorcycle dealer, who will have some great bikes at a more affordable price.

Choosing Clothing And Accessories

Riding a bike can be dangerous, so safety clothing and accessories should be an essential part of your budgeting. You can get some things second-hand, but as Safe Driving For Life explains, it is not recommended to get jackets and helmets second-hand. Some things, like helmets, you will need to get from a specialist store, but you will be able to get sturdy trousers, boots and gloves from a variety of shops. Think about other accessories you might want, such as a waterproof sheet to protect your bike from the rain while you're out, added storage space for day trip essentials or earplugs if you find the road too loud. Make a list of everything you need, and shop around for good prices.

Thinking About Storage

If you have a garage at home, that would be the perfect space to store your bike. All you will need to invest in is a plastic sheet to cover your bike to protect it from dust and damage. You will also need to make sure that your home or bike insurance covers theft and accidental damage. However, although you can keep your bike covered and outside safely during the summer months, doing this in the winter can be a problem. You will not be riding as much in the winter, and as Compare The Market explains, cold weather and lack of use can lead to corrosion. If you don't have an indoor storage space, you will need to budget for a motorbike storage facility in your area.

If you make sure that you choose a bike that's within your budget, consider a used motorbike, have a good storage space and take into account the price of safety gear, you will be able to accurately budget for your first bike. If you're ready to move forward, speak to a motorcycle dealer in your area.